Friday, May 4, 2007

Busy Week

At least for me, Mo spent most of it asleep; either under my desk, on the couch, or on the bed. When he was not sleeping, he would play a little and eat grass.
A serious concern this week, was getting him to eat. He has eaten very little in the last two weeks. He would eat a little of the dry dog food or treats. Mostly, they have to be dropped near him and he will take them where he is comfortable eating them. Even food dropped into his dish is picked up and taken somewhere else. I finally discovered that he like carrots and will eat them easily. I tried water on his dry food. He ate that a little better but plain yogurt on the dry food was ignored. Last night I broke down and gave him some good canned food. That was it. He ate that all up even cleaning his bowl.
He is getting more comfortable at home. He will explore a little in rooms I am not in at the time. But only when I am in the bathroom or asleep. Otherwise, he is sitting next to me or at my feet. He isn't exploring the office much. He pretty much comes in and goes under the desk to his bed.

The real issue is the barking and aggression. He will strain the lease and almost choke himself if someone gets too close. He was better on his last walk. He just barked and was easily calmed down. I think the food hiding and aggression are related to the way he was treated previously. If I can get him to understand that he won't be treated like that any more, then I think he will be a good office dog. If not, I will have to work out a way to leave him at home during tax season.

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