Friday, April 27, 2007


So sweet looking. My problem is that as Mo is becoming more comfortable and secure at the office, he is becoming more defensive. His barking when clients come in and lasts longer. I tried introducing him to a client today and he strained at the lease. I am hoping that socializing him more will help. Yesterday at the vet's, he was very barky and aggressive towards the other dog and people in the waiting room. But he was completely different when he came out of the exam room. Then he was very friendly with the same people he was barking at earlier.

Right now I am playing with a very strange theory. The woman who gave Mo up told the shelter staff he was food agressive. But I have not had a problem with him. And I am still having problems with him not eating out of a dish so he has not been eating that much. So I wonder if he is being territorial because he is hungry and wants to keep others away from his food area. I will try a few things to see if I can assure him that his food is safe.

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