Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Tax Dog?

I am excited, there may be a new Tax Dog tomorrow. Her name is Lizzie and she is a Lab/Chow mix. She is a little bigger than I wanted but she seems to meet the rest of my requirements. She is mellow and friendly. There does not seem to a problem getting Lizzie to eat since she looks like she should be on "Lite" food. Her girth is a little deceptive since her coat is that of a chow-very full. I am hoping she will play more too. I am glad that we will have a long weekend to get to know each other. I will have to get a larger crate/kennel and may-be some more/larger toys. But I am not buying anything more until I get her home.
Gizmo is still at the shelter and has been put on the adoption list. It was sad seeing him when I was looking for a new Tax Dog. He recognized me and behaved as if I had just been gone on an errand not abandoned him. But as I moved away from his cage, the whining began. That brought back the guilt. I hope the best for him. If I did not need to bring him the office, he would have been a good pet.

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