Friday, May 18, 2007


This week has been very quiet without a dog at the office. While it was nice not having to take Mo out for a walk or a potty break, it was very lonesome without him.
He is back up for adoption and I hope he finds a good home.
I am planning on going back out to the shelter this week and start visiting dogs. I was not up to it right after I took Mo back. I didn't even look at for a week. Since I have had the graduation tour going on, I put off looking until my nephews graduations are done. But I have started looking again. One dog I was interested in has come off the list but there are several others. If none of those are a match, then I will keep looking.
What has been frustrating, is the lack of guidance of what questions to ask. Most adoption sites cover what to think about as you decide what you want in a pet. Things like activity level, size, age, do you have a yard, or are there other pets or small children. How do you screen the dog/cat that attracts your eye? You start with the breed characteristics but what is the mix? Which breed is dominant?. The shelter staff can tell you what they have seen but some animals don't show their true colors in that stressful environment. Are they problem eaters and on what schedule do they eat? Do they bark a lot? How are they in a car? Are they really housebroke? What toys do they like (or will they even play with toys)? These were the questions I wish I had had the answers to before I took Mo home.

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