Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Please meet Lizzy, the new Taxdog. She is a 4 year old lab/chow mix. The the chow is very predominate in her tongue and coat. She is very friendly with people and other animals. But, I have not yet seen her around little children so until then I can't totally relax.
She had her first visit to my vet today. Not too bad. I knew that the shelter had treated her for worms and she needed the second half of that. A slight ear infection and of course flea treatments. The big problem is a mild case of Heartworms. I will start her on preventative. Dr. Grimes thinks that should work because of the how mild the problem is. The full treatment is expensive and hard on the dog (it contains arsenic). The preventative takes longer but should work for Lizzy.
Better pictures soon.

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