Friday, April 27, 2007


So sweet looking. My problem is that as Mo is becoming more comfortable and secure at the office, he is becoming more defensive. His barking when clients come in and lasts longer. I tried introducing him to a client today and he strained at the lease. I am hoping that socializing him more will help. Yesterday at the vet's, he was very barky and aggressive towards the other dog and people in the waiting room. But he was completely different when he came out of the exam room. Then he was very friendly with the same people he was barking at earlier.

Right now I am playing with a very strange theory. The woman who gave Mo up told the shelter staff he was food agressive. But I have not had a problem with him. And I am still having problems with him not eating out of a dish so he has not been eating that much. So I wonder if he is being territorial because he is hungry and wants to keep others away from his food area. I will try a few things to see if I can assure him that his food is safe.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Grass Hunter

First Vet Visit

Mo had his first vet visit today. Of course, he barked at everything in sight until he came out of the exam room. They he tried to make friends with everyone on the way out. I think it was the treats Cindy and Carol gave him - dehydrated hot dog slices.
He has to go back in two weeks. He has worms. That was no surprise. He took the first half of the meds today but there is still another dose. At that time, he will get his annual shots. The shelter had that his rabies was current until about then.
I did find out a lot about him today. He weights 14.5lb. And the estimate that he is about 2 years old is probably right based on his teeth. All agree that his base terrier is more likely Cairn than Yorkie. He also got his nails clipped and a dose of flea meds. All in all, he handled the trip well.

The next challenge - a separation longer than 2 hours.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sleepy Head

I had planned on changing Gizmo's name to Mo but realized that Mo sounded much too close to No. I have been thinking about Gyro. It is close to his original name and short. But after the past few days, I am seriously thinking about Sleepy.
Gizmo's schedule looks like this right now.
  • 7am - gets off my bed and I get him to go out for a while. I don't think he leaves the back porch since I am not with him.
  • 8am - Leave for the office. He is learning and heads right for the car. Once at the office, he curls up under my desk and sleeps. This is only interrupted by my leaving the desk for a minute (raises head when I leave and when I come back) and if some one comes in (barking (more from the idea that they woke him up)).
  • 11am to 12pm - First walk of about 10 to 15 minutes. Then back to sleep.
  • 1pm to 2pm - Second walk. Then back to sleep.
  • 5pm - Home and play in the back yard for a few minutes. As I relax on the couch, he sleeps. Gizmo is a little more active during this time with some play times and a walk and following me all over the house.
  • 10pm - Bed. For him. I will watch TV or read and he will sleep on my bed.
I wouldn't worry about this too much if he was more active and playing with toys more. I am use to cats sleeping all day but I assumed a dog would be more active.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Not a good picture.

Even with Photoshop, the eyes are a problem. But this is a start.

Tax Dog Welcome

Welcome to Tax Dog!

This blog is to chronicle the adventure of bringing a new dog into the life of a small business owner. Mo (prefered to the Gizmo his previous owner gave him) was adopted from our local animal shelter, the Cowley County Humane Society, on Saturday. His purpose in life is to keep me company at home and the office. He is also going to make me exercise more with walks and play time.
Mo is a terrier mix. And what a mix! The shelter had him as Yorkie mix on the adoption docs but I think his original papers said Carren terrier. He has sharp fox facial features, about 15" tall, and his coat is brown and cream and wiry.
This is his first day at the office and except for a couple of walks, he has spent most of the day under my desk. Since it is Monday, there has been more traffic in than usual. Unfortunately, he is still very protective of himself and barked and growled when they first can in but Mo quieted down after a minute or so. All the time hiding under the desk.

I am not sure what direction this blog will take. But I am sure that it will not be some cutesy POS where everyone pretends the dog is witting the blog. Nor, will Mo be dispensing any tax advice or information. I have another blog for that. Tax Dog will start as my journal of pet ownership and wander where it wants.