Thursday, April 26, 2007

First Vet Visit

Mo had his first vet visit today. Of course, he barked at everything in sight until he came out of the exam room. They he tried to make friends with everyone on the way out. I think it was the treats Cindy and Carol gave him - dehydrated hot dog slices.
He has to go back in two weeks. He has worms. That was no surprise. He took the first half of the meds today but there is still another dose. At that time, he will get his annual shots. The shelter had that his rabies was current until about then.
I did find out a lot about him today. He weights 14.5lb. And the estimate that he is about 2 years old is probably right based on his teeth. All agree that his base terrier is more likely Cairn than Yorkie. He also got his nails clipped and a dose of flea meds. All in all, he handled the trip well.

The next challenge - a separation longer than 2 hours.

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