Monday, April 23, 2007

Tax Dog Welcome

Welcome to Tax Dog!

This blog is to chronicle the adventure of bringing a new dog into the life of a small business owner. Mo (prefered to the Gizmo his previous owner gave him) was adopted from our local animal shelter, the Cowley County Humane Society, on Saturday. His purpose in life is to keep me company at home and the office. He is also going to make me exercise more with walks and play time.
Mo is a terrier mix. And what a mix! The shelter had him as Yorkie mix on the adoption docs but I think his original papers said Carren terrier. He has sharp fox facial features, about 15" tall, and his coat is brown and cream and wiry.
This is his first day at the office and except for a couple of walks, he has spent most of the day under my desk. Since it is Monday, there has been more traffic in than usual. Unfortunately, he is still very protective of himself and barked and growled when they first can in but Mo quieted down after a minute or so. All the time hiding under the desk.

I am not sure what direction this blog will take. But I am sure that it will not be some cutesy POS where everyone pretends the dog is witting the blog. Nor, will Mo be dispensing any tax advice or information. I have another blog for that. Tax Dog will start as my journal of pet ownership and wander where it wants.

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