Thursday, July 5, 2007


Last night was interesting. In fact, the last few weeks have been interesting. South Central Kansas has had much more rain than usual. While it has kept the temperatures down, there has been flooding and crop problems. And since this is Kansas, the rain has come in the form of thunderstorms. Thunder is a noise Lizzy does not like. It doesn't have to be loud or sharp, a distant roar is enough. Nor does she like the sound of fireworks. And last night she had both at the same time. Just as the city fireworks started the thunder started. Luckily the rain held off until after the fireworks were done. It wouldn't be a problem if she just hid. No she paces, then hides for a minute, then comes to me wanting petted, then she paces again. She reminded me of an old cartoon of an expectant father who had worn a knee deep trench in the labor waiting room floor with his pacing. So last night she went from her place in the window, to me, then she circled to the fireplace (maybe sitting for a minute), then through the bottom level of an end table to her closet after circling the coffee table a couple of times. Then she comes back to me and starts the process over. It is exhausting to watch her. And if it starts in the middle of the night, she will let me know. I'm from Kansas, I can sleep through a thunderstorm but not with Lizzy. At office she found a hidy hole under a peninsula I have attached to my desk. The only problem is the way in is behind my computer tower. I am waiting for the day her in/out routine knocks something loose.

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