Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Lizzy is working out well. She is a very calm, friendly animal who wants to meet everyone. The big problem at the office is getting her away from clients. She loves to smell them. And true to her Chow blood (independent), she has selective hearing (and eating/playing). She can't hear me call her away from someone she wants to meet but she can hear me shake the box of treats. Her independence has made outfitting her more expensive than I expected.
There is a Tractor Supply commercial I see from time to time. A daughter has just been give a puppy and her father is outlining all the purchases they have made for the puppy; food, bedding, toys, leash, treats, etc. Then he quotes his father, "There is no such thing as a free puppy." Let me say that adopting an adult dog is not cheap either.
Lizzy is old enough to know what food and treats she will eat. After the first week, I got her the mildest food I could at the grocery store to stop the throwing up. It would be several days before I could get to a pet store. Lucky she liked the Benefil and the throwing up stopped. But that left me with a bag and 1/2 of regular Science Diet she won't touch. I thought it was just the flavor and tried the lamb/rice-nope. In fact, she does not like their treats (left from Mo) either. The only good thing is that the food and treats she does like are moderately priced. But then there are toys. Lizzy does not play with her toys. With the exception of her Kongs (if they have food). The only thing I have seen her really want to play with is my lambswool duster. I have 3 crates (2 sizes) she doesn't use. The office bed has been used a few times but not the one at home. And she has eaten through an inch wide cotton web leash. She wasn't tied up so I can only assume that she had drug it through something tasty. And don't get me started on vet bills; shots, fleas, heartworm.
I knew that I would spend money on Lizzy. Especially since I have to have things for both the house and office. I just wish I did have so much unused sitting around. A trip to the shelter with the extras is in order.

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