Monday, July 23, 2007

Bald TaxDog

Ok, Lizzy is not bald but from the way she has been shedding I am amazed that she isn't. With it getting hotter she had decided to get cooler by getting rid of part of her undercoat. While she is loosing top coat too it is nothing like the chucks that are coming out from underneath. You can see the light clumps peeking out of her dark fur. Then she shakes like she is wet and the fur literally flies. Brushing helps and Lizzy seems to like being brushed but I can't follow her with a brush waiting to see the first appearance of the offending clumps. I have to get some work done.
The blond fur really shows up on my dark office carpet too. My new exercise is picking up the larger chunks of fur. It would also help to find a paint roller type holder for the sticky lint tape to help with quick pickups. Ideally, a Romba vacuum would be the best solution but those are not cheap. I guess I'll have to stay with picking up the chunks, sweeping with a broom then running the vacuum until this shed is finished.

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