Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lizzy Is Missing

Lizzy went out last night and hasn't come back and that is not like her. It's been almost 14 hours and I am worried. And since it is Sunday, animal control and the shelter are closed. I have been all over the both neighborhoods and no sign of her. She's chipped so if she turns up I will know (I've already talked to Pet Watch. I honestly think if she is okay, she will find her way back but if she's hurt or someone else took a fancy to her I am worried that I won't see her again.
UPDATE: I won't see her again! About an hour ago I got a call from Animal Control. It looks like she was hit by a car and crawled into someone's driveway to die. Needless to say, a crummy day has become a nightmare.

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TLo said...

So sorry for your loss, Trish. Remember all the happy times you had with her and what a wonderful life you gave her.