Monday, November 12, 2007

Catch up with Taxdog

The summer has been quiet so I haven't had much to write about Lizzy. Our biggest problem is schedule.
While I was directing a show (The Odd Couple), our schedule was fairly set. Up and to the park by 7:45am. Then to the office. Another walk after the mail came. Then she took a long nap followed by another walk. At 5pm, we would walk again and I would take her home. When I got back from rehearsal, the last walk of the day. Even after the show closed, our schedule stayed about the same even though I was generally home in the evening with her.
But the end of daylight saving time messed her up and she is still not totally liking the new routine. The morning isn't too bad. For a few days, her walk was moved up and and quickie walk was added in the morning. The problem is in the afternoon. At 4pm (the DST 5pm), she is ready to go home. It doesn't help that her view is completely blocked by cars going to the gym across the street and the papergirl generally doesn't make it before we leave. So she is bored. She really liked everyone coming in during the extension rush so I don't think tax season will be a problem. And by then I should have her accepting staying later.

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