Monday, August 13, 2007

Taxdog Problem

The problem is not with Lizzy, it is a client (and possibly others).
This guy showed up with receipts for me to look. He wants to know if it will be worth it to itemize. Of course, he's bored on a day off and I can't get rid of him. Lizzy had greeted him as usual and I had gotten her back under the desk when a new target arrived and then a 2nd. I thought he had left while I helped the new people, but he was still there petting Lizzy when I got done. I called Lizzy to come back to me and he stopped her from coming. He told me it was okay, she was not bothering him so she could stay there. Here I am, trying to train her to greet and then come back to me, and this bozo wants to play. I finally got Lizzy back to me but he was still hard to get out the door.
Why do people think it is okay to counter a Mom or Dad? Not just dogs but with kids too. I have seen parents trying to discipline their kids (not beat or abuse) and some joker actually encourages the child to misbehave because the child is not bothering them. And this are the people who would, if the child even slightly bothered them, complain how badly disciplined children are today.

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