Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tax Dog on Hiatus

Lizzy is really gone. It is still sinking in and I know by the end of this post I will be crying again. Saturday night Lizzy went out about 9:30pm. Usually she is only out about 45 minutes or less but the weather was nice and cool, so I wasn't worried when an hour had passed. When someone set off some fireworks in the neighborhood and she didn't come home, I started looking for her. No luck. I ended up sleeping on the sofa so I could let her in when she came home. Sunday morning I did the laundromat and spent the time my clothes were in the washer and dryer to search the area more. I even checked at the office.  I was assuming she found a friend and ended up out of the neighborhood and  I keep expanding the search area. I did leave a message with Animal Control describing her and sent a fax to the local shelter (both officially closed on Sunday). A little after 3pm I got the call from Animal Control that she was dead, apparently hit by a car. She was found in someone's driveway. They didn't give me any details. I think she hide under a car after she was hit and when they moved the car there she was. It probably happened soon after she went out since she comes home within an hour. I didn't see her, but I did get her collar and the tag numbers match. 
I know I haven't been the best at keeping this blog up but now I will be taking a serious break. I don't know if I will be replacing Lizzy but I won't start looking until the fall. I will also take my time. Lizzy was a great dog for me. Loving but also independent. The cat like qualities of her Chow heritage showed through. And she was a great dog for the office with lots of people coming through.
Once I get another Tax Dog (or Cat), I will post it on my business blog; Our Taxing Times.

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